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“Purse Corsage” = Adorable!

May 17, 2010

These days, there are so many brides trying to find ways to inject uniqueness into their day.  One of the many ways to do this is by throwing tradition out of the window, such as having an alternative to bridesmaids bouquets.   I’ve seen the traditional handheld floral bouquets be replaced with things such as candles, fans, and feathers.

I think this is such a cute idea: the purse corsage:

It’s unique, yet still has a hint of tradition because it incorporates florals.  Plus, I think it’s tres fashion-forward.  You can even buy your maids’ clutches as part of their bridal party gift; or, better yet, have each of the maids choose her own clutch in a style that speaks to her.

The purse corsage is also very budget friendly.  Typical bridesmaids bouquets can range from $50-$75 each!  These are essentially a corsage on a magnet, plummeting the cost down to $15-$20 per arrangement.

I think these are simply fabulous!  Not to mention, a much more chic option for mothers who are dreading wearing an itchy corsage around their wrist…

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