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Theme: Throw-Back Weddings

May 14, 2010

There’s nothing quite as easy as pulling your wedding together by ways of a theme. 

I was watching one of my favourite wedding shows, Rich Bride Poor Bride, and there was this couple on there who decided to have a 50’s themed wedding.  I thought it was such a fun idea.

If you’re into reading wedding mags, you’ll know that “vintage” weddings are one of the most popular themes at the moment.  Usually, vintage simply means using old-world influenced decor and attire.  Lace dresses, birdcage veils, ivorys and creams – get my drift?

However, if you want to take “vintage” a step further (ie: zoning in on a particular era and working it out), my friend and coworker introduced me to this fantastic site, The Whirling Turban.

Whirling Turban makes gorgeous 50’s-esque wedding dresses.  The best part is, they are completely customized and the prices are extremely reasonable. 

I could totally see these dresses being rocked with a birdcage veil, short red-creme nails, coloured sky-high heels, and some red lipstick – a la Christina Aguilera in her Marilyn period:

In the alternative, I think these would make great reception “party” dresses.  Extremely cute and fun (and what I mean by fun is that you can twirl in them… ;))

What do you girls think of the 50’s glam theme?  I think there’s just something about it that’s sexy yet classy at the same time.  Perfection.

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