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Genius Idea: Clean Heels

April 28, 2010

Once and a while, I come across these amazing inventions that make me think, “I wish I had thought of that!”

Now this little device is definitely one of them.

So – here’s the problem.  You’ve found these a-MAZ-ing stilettos to wear on your wedding day.   You buy them, your day (finally) comes, you slip on those babies and feel oh-so-pretty.  Once it’s time to take your pictures, you head to a lush park or some other place with lots of greenery and grass.  You’re standing there, looking gorgeous, smiling all pretty – and you’re sinking.

Yup, grass=earth, and earth is not so friendly to those 4 inch heels you bought. 

Good news – there’s no need to sacrifice those perfect pair of heels to the mud gods.  Clean Heels stops your heels from sinking into the ground by simply popping the little plastic device on to your heels.  Case in point:

They come in clear, black, and even crystal-studded for those glamazons.  They have a flexible plastic tube that come in various widths to fit all stiletto heel sizes.

I wore them for my wedding and they worked perfectly.  I think every wedding photographer should keep a few of these gems in their bags.  Brides will love you for it.

You can purchase them online here.  Or for you Canadian gals, they are also available at Celebration Shoes in Toronto.

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