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Trend: Nixing Matchy-Matchy Bridesmaids

January 18, 2010

The days of bridesmaids being clones of each other are over.

There are many options for keeping your bridal party cohesive but allowing each bridesmaid to express her personality.

One popular option is to keep the colour of your bridesmaid dresses consistent, but having slight differences in the style of the dress itself – for example, the neckline. 

You can go about this  by telling your maids to go out and pick a dress of a certain colour, for example, black.  However, be aware that this option leaves you open to having varying shades of the same colour since dye lots from different stores are most likely different. 

Another way to go about it is by choosing different dresses from the same company in the same colour.  David’s Bridal has come out with some beautiful new colours available in many dress styles.

TwoBirds Bridesmaid was the original bridesmaid dress that could be worn in several different ways.  More recently, Dessy has come out with a similar concept called the “Twist” dress.  This is a great option and even allows your bridesmaids to use the dress afterwards in several different ways.

The Twist by Dessy:

A more modern trend is to have your bridesmaids in dresses of the same colour family.  Gradient shades of colours look gorgeous standing up with you at the altar.  Case in point:

Happy Shopping!

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